Join the only student-led podcast and media group to have breached the Documentary top charts. Located across the best institutions in the United States, our talented team of writers, editors, producers, artists, and analysts are changing the face of youth coverage while building an unparalleled network.

We are currently accepting applications for numerous positions listed below. All work is being conducted remotely. Applicants must be between 17 and 21 years of age. Non-US citizens are eligible to apply.


Positions listed in order of necessity. Higher-priority positions will be processed faster. Decisions are typically made within one week of submission. Email if you have any questions.

Web Editor

Big Picture: The Finch Media Group is a multi-platform youth collective. Thousands of people from over 70 countries visit our website monthly to read articles and listen to The Finch Podcast. A dedicated website editor is needed to maintain the site's structure, design, and content.


  • The web editor will work with the social media and writing editors to upload pieces to website. This includes article curating through links, photographs, videos, tags, and URL naming.

  • The web editor will manage the site's SEO ensuring accessibility across web browsers.

  • The web editor will work with the general desk team to comply with branding guidelines.

  • The web editor will re-configure the mobile site such that it is user-friendly and functional.


  • The web editor should have experience in web or graphic design and familiarity with the Wix system.

  • The web editor should have access to reliable broadband and computing power capable of running website editing software.

  • The web editor should be reachable and an active communicator, remaining in constant contact with other members of the team.

  • The web editor should be driven by high attention to detail, user interface improvement, and a desire to broadcast collective work of a passionate team. 


  • The web editor will have full discretion and a creative space for refinement of design or computing skills.

  • The web editor will oversee the maintenance of the core of a rapidly expanding youthful company.

  • The web editor will join a team of highly qualified students and be eligible for employee-specific promotionals, including significant coverage in the masthead, on social media, and through the newsletter. Read more about how The Finch Media Group has been covered in About.

Apply for the web editor position here.

Podcast Editor

Big Picture: The Finch Podcast is an award-winning production hosted by Alex Benoit and Will Fang. With listeners in over 40 states and 45 countries, TFP has featured Nobel laureates and US Congresspeople. A skilled podcast editor is needed to produce and edit episodes. 


  • The podcast editor will piece together segments to make seamless episodes with varied discussions. These segments may be panels, one on ones, or investigatory exposes.

  • The podcast editor will employ audio editing techniques to deliver clear, crisp, enjoyable audio for listening through multiple platforms.

  • The podcast editor will publish episodes with the help of the podcast team to Anchor in compliance with audio and branding guidelines.


  • The podcast editor should enjoy listening to podcasts and be aware of basic formatting techniques. Prior podcasting or music editing skills are preferable. 

  • The podcast editor should have a cursory knowledge of systems like Dropbox, Garage Band, and Audacity, and be willing to undergo training on Anchor.

  • The podcast editor should be extremely methodical, creative, and professional.


  • The podcast editor will be recognized at the beginning and end of all episodes and feature prominently on our website and materials. Working for a highly-praised production serves as a gateway for other bids.

  • The podcast editor will be able to interact with guests like NASA Astronauts and US Ambassadors in and during interviews.

  • The podcast editor will be able to practice their audio production skills and will produce segments for an internationally ranked podcast.

  • The web editor will join a team of highly qualified students and be eligible for employee-specific promotionals. Read more about how The Finch Media Group has been covered in About.

Apply for the podcast editor position here.

Video Producer

Big Picture: With interviews conducted remotely, The Finch Media Group has access to unparalleled footage with highly notable guests. Though present on several social media sites, The Finch Media Group is looking to expand its footprint on YouTube and utilize more footage for this site. A talented video producer is needed to provide interviews in video format and for occasional advertising/research campaigns.


  • The video producer will convert interview recordings into documentary-style, dynamic videos.

  • The video producer will work with both the social media and podcasting teams to deliver content for publication and dissemination. 

  • The video producer will work with branding and marketing to create video campaigns featuring staff, topics, or particular pieces.


  • The video producer should have prior experience editing videos for personal projects or organizations.

  • The video producer should be well versed in iMovie and/or Adobe products or any other video-editing platforms, as well as willing to undergo basic training in Canva for design elements.

  • The video producer should enjoy cinematography and design, be capable of following certain branding guidelines, and have access to proper Internet and computing resources.


  • The video producer will be recognized in all media created by them and will retain the rights to such creations for later applications or portfolios.

  • The video producer will handle never-before-seen interviews and interact with podcast guests. They will also be occasionally charged with interviewing people for supplemental information/content.

  • The video producer will join a team of highly qualified students and be eligible for employee-specific promotionals. Read more about how The Finch Media Group has been covered in About.

Apply for the video producer position here.

Marketing Director

Big Picture: The Finch Media Group is a rapidly expanding nonpartisan not-for-profit. However, costs are associated with maintaining TFMG's presence internationally and expanding digitally. The Marketing Director will lead a collective effort to gain sponsors, will balance the organization's expenses, and will consult the media team on how to best target efforts for increased interaction and exposure.


  • The marketing director will establish contacts with potential sponsors for ad segments on the podcast, features on social media, or website coverage.

  • The marketing director will advise the social media team on big-picture revenue campaigns and where to allocate digital promotion funds. 

  • The marketing director will work with the general desk to build relationships with nonprofit organizations, corporations, and Academic institutions for partnerships and mutual aid.


  • The marketing director must be a skilled communicator with prior experience in business. Current business or business-intended majors are preferred.

  • The marketing director must be approachable and contactable, well versed in social media trends.

  • The marketing director should have intuition into avenues for expansion, a drive to see the organization succeed and grow, and a good understanding of the tone and purpose of TFMG.


  • The marketing director will gain the unique experience of operating a media organization's budget and will have full discretion on spending approaches.

  • The marketing director will have access to venerable institutions and companies and will be able to use TFMG's extensive network to further the goals of the group.

  • The marketing director will join a team of highly qualified students and be eligible for employee-specific promotionals. Read more about how The Finch Media Group has been covered in About.

Apply for the marketing director position here.


Desks are classified based on need. Higher priority desks have more openings.

The following desks are High Priority: Finance, Junk

The following desks are Medium Priority: Culture, Politics

The following desks are Low Priority: Science and Technology

Big Picture: The Finch Media Group proudly hosts a team of in-house correspondents covering a wide arrange of issues. Pieces are featured prominently on a cite with high traffic, before our growing social media audiences, and in podcast segments. TFMG is perpetually recruiting talented and passionate writers. You can see our current correspondent team on the About page.


  • The correspondent will attend beat meetings to correspond with the editorial team and other desk correspondents.

  • The correspondent will produce an in-depth story every three weeks as part of a publication cycle.

  • The correspondent will work with social media, the general desk, and the podcast team to effectively publicize pieces and conduct high quality research.


  • The correspondent should have extensive knowledge or experience in the subject for which they are applying. Major-specific students will be considered in an advantageous manner. Prior experience in journalism is preferred but not required. 

  • The correspondent should pride themselves in seeking out the truth and avoiding redundancy; above all else, we seek correspondents willing to approach issues from new perspectives or cover previously underreported issues.

  • The correspondent should be curious about the forces that shape their subject, capable of good time management, bold, and willing to work hard to be truly novel in what they cover.


  • The correspondent will have their work published before and audience of several thousand readers and listeners across 6 continents and in over 40 languages.

  • The correspondent will be able to use the name and likeness of TFMG to conduct interviews and research with notable guests.

  • The correspondent will have the opportunity to appear on the podcast and will be heavily present on social media. Frequent media coverage of TFMG often features correspondents and their work.

  • The correspondent will have the ability to refine their journalistic capabilities with a team of expert editors.

  • The marketing director will join a team of highly qualified students and be eligible for employee-specific promotionals. Read more about how The Finch Media Group has been covered in About.

Apply for a correspondent position here. Correspondents must also submit between 1-3 previous writing samples to for consideration.


The Finch began as a podcast. Now, we have a team of two dozen writers, artists, and creators. If you think you can help out but don't see an available position that matches your skillset, simply select "Other" in your application and let us know your thoughts. We are always looking to change and grow.


The Finch is a rapidly expanding media group constantly looking for new voices. Whether you're interested in video and audio production, social media and advertising, or journalism at any one of our desks, we urge you to apply.

Correspondent applicants must submit 1-3 writing samples to

If Correspondent, Select Specialty:

We look forward to reading you application!